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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vinyl Replay (An All Day Music Event)

The summer garage season is in full swing and for Lloyd Green that means it's also record season.

Green is a music collector and garage sales and second hand stores are fertile hunting ground.  He doesn't stop there.  He travels across North America linking up with other collectors to swap and play rare vinyl records. On Saturday July 13, Green and other music collectors will be at the gallery to play from their collections.

Vinyl records are experiencing a comeback, but for Green and others the records never really disappeared.  He points out that in Europe, for example, vinyl records remained popular and easy to buy.

Does he have a favorite find?  It's a record by jazz musician Charles Earland, which he bought for $2 that is now worth $100.

You can meet Green and other collectors at the gallery on Saturday July 13.  They will be talking about their collections, swapping record and playing their favourite music throughout the day.

Vinyl Replay, all-day music event, Saturday July 13, 11am to 6pm.  Admission $5.   Contact us if you want to be part of the record swap.

Update:  Saturday July 13, tune into Fresh Air on CBC Radio,  99.1 FM, to hear Lloyd Green talk about the appeal of vinyl music and the Vinyl Replay event. 

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