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Monday, July 15, 2013

Art With Strangers

The Trialog project brings strangers together to create paintings

Can strangers create together?  German film student Bjoern Hochschild thinks so and he'll be putting his ideas to the test here at the gallery.

Hochschild is visiting Toronto from Berlin, where artists often meet-up to paint and create together.  The one clear rule is that group encourages artists who don't know each other to come together.  The experiment has been dubbed Trialog, a take on dialogue.

There is no talking about the picture, he explains.   Each artists takes a turn adding touches and flourishes.  The group comes to a consensus as to when the painting is finished.

Work in progress

Slowly the ice thaws between strangers.   The paintings are done in chalk, which seems to speak to the fleeting nature of the social relationship.  The result, though, can be dramatic canvasses.

The trialog project happens Saturday July 27 at the gallery, starting at noon.   If you would like to take part, contact the trialog group at  ivan (at) or drop by the gallery.


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