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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that come out of nowhere.

Take the case of Jane Lind, one half of the mother-daughter team behind Periwinkle Designs.

Two years ago, after a boat trip with her husband and storing her toiletries in a plastic Ziploc bag she came home and thought "I can do better than this." 

So she made herself a lined bag out of colorful fabric.  She has been designing bags ever since --- for makeup, for diapers, clutches and silk evening bags.

Like Jane Lind, Sheila Moore never expected that her own personal designs would trigger a business.  She simply wanted to please her young son when she designed him a hat that was inspired by those worn by soldiers during the Civil War.

When a friend needed something to keep him warm as he cycled through the city streets, she turned to the football helmet design of the 1920s and created  a wool hat that could fit snuggly under a bicycle helmet.

Now she finds herself studying old films and touring museums looking for designs ideas.

Over at Simple Smiles, Katherine Phan is thanking her mother for teaching her how to knit. 

When she needed a bit of pin money to boost her student income, she would sell her knits at the local craft fairs.  Now post graduation, Katherine and her mother are working together creating her signature chunky knits.


Periwinkle Blue clutch bag

Simple Smiles 

Hats by She

Hats by She

Simple Smiles

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