The Holiday Collective, Celebrating Original Art and Handmade Design, Dec. 2 to Dec. 6 at Artscape Youngplace

Monday, December 12, 2011

Animal Love

There is a whole lot of animal love going on here at The Collective Show. 

We noticed that we were being surrounded by animals as our artists, photographers and artisans were making cows, pigs, rabbits even polar bears the stars of their art.

Artist Julia McNeely, who is known for her bold, colorful canvasses, often chooses to paint barnyard animals - sheep, cows and roosters.

"I'm vegan," she explains.  "We love animals."  As an artist she is also intrigued by how powerful their shapes can be on the canvas.

A trip to Ireland and time on a farm encouraged photographer Molly Crealock to change her focus from people to animals.

In the psychedelic screen prints by Jacob Rolfe of Floating World Studio animals take on human characteristics, with horses playing pianos and bears rowing boats. 

So is there a favourite animal that they like to feature in their art.   Who wins this beauty contest?

For Julia, Molly and Jacob the vote is unanimous.  The winner.  The pig.


Molly Crealock Photography

Floating World Studio


Artist Julia McNeely

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