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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pins and Needles

Remember the days when fashionable women would not admit to knowing how to sew or --- gasp --- making their own clothes?   Well those days are gone. Sewing is back.  A new generation of creative artisans are proud to say “I made it myself.”

Susan MacDonald who is known for her wearable art is excited to see more artisans rediscovering sewing. Sewing is creative but can also be meditative and calming, she says, which just might be part of the appeal.

Here at The Collective show you’ll find Susan’s dolls, hats and a fine display of silk and cotton bowties. 

What do you do if you have a collection of vintage buttons?   Well if you are Johanna Chaytor, the creator of Charlotte & Stewart, you make dolls. The dolls are exquisite in their detail with their striped stockings and painted faces.  They are not all sweet and innocent.  The green zombie faces in the mix and sailor dolls with tattoos make this a thoroughly modern collection.

Nadia Morrison of Dolalee admits that her sewing has taken over a corner of her life. She turns delicately covered buttons into hairpins and necklaces and stitches up brooches, quilts, pillows and even wall hangings.

At Knotted Nest, Kristen Wulff designs wallets, coasters and passport covers from whimsical fabric, with an expert touch.
You would never guess that she is new to the world of sewing.

Charlotte & Stewart pocket dolls

Susan MacDonald Wearable Art

Dolalee pins

Knotted Nest passport cover

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