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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's A Small World

We gave our artists a challenge this year by asking them to keep their canvasses small.  

Artist Rob Croxford embraced the idea.  He normally works on large canvases. You can see one of his latest murals at the new/old Maple Leaf Gardens.

Here at The Collective he has created a small, mixed media series in his trademark style, of storytelling with a touch of satire.  This new series combines art with odd bits that he's collected. - toys, keys and scrabble pieces.

"I'm turning into Howard Hughes," he laughs.

Kristina Moller of Greasychickenface enjoys working on small pieces. Her portraits and canvasses are bright, cherry and are as quirky as her name implies. She's now turned her attention to cats and dogs.  But these cats wear real wool collars and knitted hats.

What's behind her name, you ask.  It seems it was inspired by a Seinfeld skit.

The handcrafted canes by woodcarver Ron Jackson capture the world in miniature.  They are made from cedar, mahogany, oak and maple wood.  Each has intricate animal images, frogs, owls and tigers as well as poems carved into the wood.

Small things, but big ideas.


Artist Rob Croxford


Artist Ron Jackson

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