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Monday, February 17, 2014

Thrill Of The Hunt

The hunt for vintage records

Have we lost the thrill of the hunt?

We've been contemplating this after hearing the owners of  Book City, the independent bookstore, talk about closing their flagship store this spring, after 38 years.  It's a familiar story - the independent store owner loses out as shoppers come in to sample the goods but walk out to buy online.

We are descended from hunters and gathers.  In the urban landscape, the store is often were we go to hunt, to discover what's new.  Now, convenience often triumphs, as we click through a neatly prepared menu online.  "Customers who bought this also liked ..."

The folks at Book City noted that those shoppers who were in search of a lower price were missing out on the experience of discovering something unexpected that comes from browsing the store shelves. They were losing the thrill of the hunt.

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