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Friday, September 6, 2013

Jam Session

This Saturday, follow the beat of the drums to the gallery.  It's a live music performance as musician Kobena Aquaa-Harrison presents the Afrika Djelly jam session. 

The evening also includes a studio tour where you'll see some of his handcrafted musical instruments.  One of those instruments on show is the seperewa, which Aquaa-Harrison is trying to preserve from extinction.

On a recent trip to his native Ghana, he discovered that there were few craftsmen left who were making the traditional Akan instrument.    Intent on preserving the sound he consulted with elders and local craftsmen.  Most of the information on how to make the seperewa would come the way it does these days  - on the internet.

Aquaa-Harrison is standing in the gallery strumming the newly crafted seperewa.  It looks like a small box with a neck of a guitar.  The sound is mellow.   Everyone stops talking and enjoys the improptu concert.

 The Afrika Djelly jam session happens Saturday September 7.  It includes music, an art display and studio tour.  Doors open at 8pm.  Tickets are $10.


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