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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book Style

How to Deal, Teresa Fazari

Don't be so quick to declare that the book is dead.

A new generation of readers is proving that you can engage with the internet but still love a good book. They are not only reading they are writing and designing books too.

On June 23,  the Summer Collective opens at the gallery with the work of two recent Ryerson graduates,  Laura Hensley and Teresa Fazari, communications students from the School of Fashion, who explore the world of book design.

When Laura Hensley recently ventured  to Iceland she was fascinated by the rugged terrain, mountains and local designers who defined the style. She wanted to capture the mood of the country but not in a style blog  -  in a book.

Reykjavik Street Style, Laura Hensley

"I wanted to have something tangible," she says about her book Reykjavik Street Style.  The book features the style Hensley spotted on the street and interviews with designers. Icelanders standout in their bright primary colours, against the sepia tones of the mountains and hills.

Reykjavik Street Style

Teresa Fazari  feels that a good book is the perfect antidote to a life spent online.  She wrote and designed How To Deal , as a city girl's guide to life's little troubles.  It's full of witty advice on insomnia, aging and that perennial problem dieting.

Sure she could have lamented on Twitter, but Fazari decided to write a book instead, saying "having a hard copy makes you more connected to the content".

Maybe these two are on to something.  The New York Times recently noted  that people have started to collect coffee table books.   In the age of Tumblr, well designed books are finding a new audience.

Interested in designing your own book? On Saturday June 29, from 12pm to 1pm,  Hensley and Fazari will be at the gallery to share their experiences and ideas.

Yes we tweet, but we read too.

The exhibit opens at the gallery on June 23 and continues to June 30.

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